Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pechu Kucha Presentation

So, tonight I did my Pechu Kucha Presentation and it went awesome! I don't have much time to talk about it right now, as I'm about to go out and enjoy Vegas, but heres the video!

It may not be up immediately, but heres the link for when it is!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not much time, but some more for you!

So, i don't have alot of time, but i wanted to throw some pictures up of the hotel rooms in the Venetian hotel! Its so amazing, that i wanted to share it w/ the blog readers.

So, go check them out, I've put a link at the bottom for it.

I also get to present tonight at Pecha Kucha about integrating digital tools in the design process, so i'm excited about that! I should head down to that in about an hour or so, and am a bit nervous as well.

Overall, today has been pretty good, with some education events that were interesting and recieved a very nice award for my work as a Student Representative. I've also gotten to meet some awesome people from firms, companies, and schools around the world!

Well, i'm out for now... heres the link:

Check out the Student Community!

While your here, go visit the Autodesk Student Community!

This is a great resource from free software and resources for students!

More live from AU later.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keynote coverage

So, the keynote earlier was amazing. Between hearing from CEO Carl Bass and the Autodesk CTO we heard from a lead designer (who I forgot his name right now) who talked about the value of the sociology to finding and solving design issues.

Although that was cool, the CTO's presentation asked "what else?" Not only should we think about "what if?" when thinking about design iterations, but also what else can we do? He talked about utilizing multiple cores to let the computer compute every solution and let us choose what's best! He also pushed the difference between the world vs the digital world as it related to digiting the real world and making the digital world real!

The steps in digital prototyping have become amazing! The presentation ended with a full size 3d printed motorcycle! Pictures are below of the presentation and the motorcycle! More to come later

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One down, and AU is underway!

AU has officially started! The venetian hotel is amazing! I'll try to get pictures up tonight of the room and some of the spaces.

But anyway, the first classes were this morning and I had a class about Revit things that aren't in the book. It was pretty good and I got some good ideas out of it for my job next quarter and some good habits and working techniques. Next up is the
Main keynote!

We are now in the keynote room which is
huge!!! Somehow we're in row 5 and we've got 10 minutes until it starts. Here's a shot of the screens and the stage before we start:

Well we're about to start. More to come later!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

T-minus 6 days!

So, with only 6 days until Autodesk University, and Thanksgiving break here now, its getting exciting! The only slightly scary part is that I have to make a Pecha Kucha presentation on Wednesday night! I am excited for it though as I have a few ideas about the future uses and even cutting edge uses of technology in BIM modeling and design that I'm excited to present! On the other side, I'm excited to be able to finally attend Autodesk University and get to sit in on some amazing classes by some very smart and talented people in my profession. But overall I think the most exciting part is getting to meet others in my field who are interested in Digital Design!

Well, heading back home from Cincinnati (where I go to school at the University of Cincinnati) to Chicago tomorrow! But definately excited to fly out to Vegas on Monday morning.