Tuesday, November 25, 2008

T-minus 6 days!

So, with only 6 days until Autodesk University, and Thanksgiving break here now, its getting exciting! The only slightly scary part is that I have to make a Pecha Kucha presentation on Wednesday night! I am excited for it though as I have a few ideas about the future uses and even cutting edge uses of technology in BIM modeling and design that I'm excited to present! On the other side, I'm excited to be able to finally attend Autodesk University and get to sit in on some amazing classes by some very smart and talented people in my profession. But overall I think the most exciting part is getting to meet others in my field who are interested in Digital Design!

Well, heading back home from Cincinnati (where I go to school at the University of Cincinnati) to Chicago tomorrow! But definately excited to fly out to Vegas on Monday morning.