Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not much time, but some more for you!

So, i don't have alot of time, but i wanted to throw some pictures up of the hotel rooms in the Venetian hotel! Its so amazing, that i wanted to share it w/ the blog readers.

So, go check them out, I've put a link at the bottom for it.

I also get to present tonight at Pecha Kucha about integrating digital tools in the design process, so i'm excited about that! I should head down to that in about an hour or so, and am a bit nervous as well.

Overall, today has been pretty good, with some education events that were interesting and recieved a very nice award for my work as a Student Representative. I've also gotten to meet some awesome people from firms, companies, and schools around the world!

Well, i'm out for now... heres the link:

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