Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One down, and AU is underway!

AU has officially started! The venetian hotel is amazing! I'll try to get pictures up tonight of the room and some of the spaces.

But anyway, the first classes were this morning and I had a class about Revit things that aren't in the book. It was pretty good and I got some good ideas out of it for my job next quarter and some good habits and working techniques. Next up is the
Main keynote!

We are now in the keynote room which is
huge!!! Somehow we're in row 5 and we've got 10 minutes until it starts. Here's a shot of the screens and the stage before we start:

Well we're about to start. More to come later!

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Kojigushi said...

DAAPers Unite at AU08?
Saw your name on Slam Contest!!!